The Best Priority Pass Lounges at DMK in Bangkok

If you’re flying a budget airline out of Bangkok, chances are good that you’ll be flying out of DMK (Don Mueang International Airport) — which also means that you probably want to know the state of Priority Pass at DMK. I’m happy to report that your pass gives you big benefits at this Bangkok airport! (In fact, it’s considerably better than the domestic Priority Pass situation at BKK.) At DMK, I flew out of the international terminal, so this is a review of the Terminal 2 lounges — plus the pre-security lounge in Terminal 1.

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Outside Security: Miracle Coworking Space at DMK

After a truly awful travel day, I was so , SO grateful to find the Miracle Coworking Space at DMK. I arrived 5 hours before my flight (long story), and naturally, Air Asia doesn’t open check-in till much closer.

The Lounge Buddy app mentioned that this place is only open to people flying out of Terminal 1, which isn’t true. The front desk guy was super welcoming, and he didn’t ask for my boarding pass. (I even offered it, but he said he didn’t need it.)

Miracle Coworking Lounge at DMK in Bangkok - a Priority Pass lounge
This Priority Pass lounge is outside of security at DMK!

The lounge itself is tucked away into a corner of the second floor, on the opposite end of the terminal from the fancy new food court. It’s not a big lounge, but there’s an entire wall of windows (facing into the terminal) that makes it feel more spacious. I loved the the little screens, which create plenty of private spots but still maintained an open feeling.

Plus, the soft lighting is really relaxing in comparison with the harsh terminal light (see photo above). Take advantage of it while you can, because the DMK check-in is madness. There are lots of power outlets and tables. I liked the large conference table in the back; since the lounge was nearly empty, I was able to spread out.

At this DMK Priority Pass lounge, you’ll find a typical selection of Asian foods. They’re nicely presented, but nothing special. Drinks, with the exception of sodas, water, and coffee, are kept behind a counter, so you need to ask for them. The staff is super sweet and happy to help, though, so no issues there. The food is fine; the stir-fried vegetable noodles were quite good.

All in all, this is a fantastic place to escape the crowds in DMK before you go through security! Nice staff, decent food, and a lovely space make it a Priority Pass winner.

Coral Executive Lounge: The Best Priority Pass Lounge at DMK in Bankgok

the best Priority Pass lounge at DMK

Bless this lounge! If you’ve ever been to DMK, you know that the departure hall and immigration line can be seriously chaotic. It’s hot, smelly, and it tries your patience. And then you get through security, and there are very few places to sit. (See the photos below!)

That, my friends, is where the Coral Executive Lounge comes in. This is the best Priority Pass lounge at DMK. Even better? It’s so easy to find! Seriously — the door is right across from you as you leave airport security.

To be honest, that location was a bit alarming — I was worried that the lounge would be crowded and chaotic. Nope! The check-in desk is on the same floor, but immediately to the right, there’s a down escalator. And as you descend, the noise of the airport fades away, and peace takes its place.

The lounge itself is fairly small, but it feels open, thanks to the large windows that look out onto the runway. There are lots of comfortable seats, many separated by small walls for privacy and quiet. Near the back, two long, tall tables are the perfect spot for working. Oh, and there are plenty of power outlets, too.

The Coral Executive lounge has a big buffet with all of the usual Asian foods: noodles, stir fry, and the like. Plus, there’s a fridge filled with desserts (loved the shot-glass panna cotta!) and drinks. If you want alcohol, there’s a bar with wine, beer, and a few spirits.

The lounge staff are just lovely. They stayed out of the way, but still managed to come around to collect dishes in the 90 minutes I was there. (I love that!) Around 7PM, there were only a few people around, so it was super peaceful.

This lounge is a winner — I didn’t even bother to check out the others! Part of that decision was motivated by Lounge Buddy. When I checked, a pass for the Coral Executive Lounge was $38, but the other two lounges in the international terminal were just $18 and $19. I figured that price difference had to mean something, and I was right.

Also, I passed one of those other lounges on the way to the gate, and it was basically open to the terminal and all of its noise. No, thank you!

So! If you’re flying out of the international terminal at DMK, I heartily recommend heading straight for the Coral Executive Lounge. It’s the best bang for your buck with Priority Pass at DMK in Bangkok.

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