Priority Pass in the Bangkok (BKK) International Terminal

Best Priority Pass lounge in BKK

Recently, I flew out of Bangkok en route to the U.S. — and my first stop was figuring out what Priority Pass in the Bangkok (BKK) international terminal would get me!

Flying out of Bangkok’s Don Mueang International? Check out the Priority Pass lounges at DMK.

First of all, a note of caution: I was flying United, and my first flight was through China on a partner airline. I assumed that since it was a United flight, I could check in 4 hours early and spend lots of time in the Priority Pass lounges.

Nope! The Chinese airline made me check in separately, and the desks didn’t open until two hours before the flight. If you’ve been to BKK, you know that the pre-security area is not one you want to spend a lot of time in. Just a warning!

But: back to Priority Pass at BKK!

Can You Walk Between Priority Pass Lounges in Different Concourses in the BKK International Terminal?

Short answer: yes!

If you look at the Priority Pass app, you’ll see the BKK international terminal lounges listed by concourse. Once you’re in the international terminal, you can walk between the concourses — which means that you can get to all of the different Priority Pass lounges, no matter where your flight is leaving from.

When I was finally able to check in, it was 11PM, and some of the Priority Pass lounges were closed. (I really wanted to try the Oman Air lounge but no luck.)

Turkish Airlines Priority Pass Lounge in BKK International Concourse D

The Turkish Airlines lounge is the first Priority Pass lounge I tried in the Bangkok airport. Why? It’s the first one I came to, and it was open 24 hours.

The staff was super friendly, and the lounge was deserted that late at night. I soon found out why — there was no food! The sad buffet line was empty. There was a bar, but I had to hunt down someone to get me a glass of wine. I grabbed a sparkling water and hung out for a little while. But then, since I was starving, and it was freezing, I left.

The verdict? Eh. It’s just okay. Also, that’s because the ONLY BKK Priority Pass lounge you need is coming up!

The BEST Priority Pass Lounge in Bangkok’s International Terminal: Air France-KLM SkyLounge

Okay, friends. Do yourself a favor and forget about the other Priority Pass lounges in BKK. Head straight for the Air France-KLM SkyLounge. I did pass a few other 24-hour lounges on the way, but they were packed with Thai businessmen drinking cocktails, and I wanted peace and quiet.

And then, I came upon the SkyLounge.

I was tired and crabby after a long couple of hours outside security at BKK. I wanted a glass of wine and some food. First, the wine: this Priority Pass lounge had multiple reds and whites. Plus, there was really great selection of hard liquor, in case you’re in the mood for a cocktail.

Then, there’s the food! In my experience, Priority Pass lounge food tends to be on the “eh” side. Not so in the BKK international terminal? The SkyLounge has THE BEST food selection I’ve found in any Priority Pass lounge anywhere in the world.

Let’s start with the hot foods: dumplings! Quiches! Little pastries! Steam buns!

And then, the cold foods. Bruschetta! Pizza! Pasta! And of course, random noodle and stir-fry dishes. Plus, there was a cooler with drinks and yogurts and things, as usual.

There are also plenty of seating options. The lounge was surprisingly busy for the time, but I found a nice, roomy booth with plenty of outlets. Then, I enjoyed the crap out of my delicious snacks. (And went back for more)

Final Verdict on Priority Pass at BKK

My opinion? Skip all of the other lounges and head straight for the SkyLounge. Have you been to the Priority Pass lounges at Bangkok (BKK) during the day? Let me know in the comments if there’s a better option!

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