Best Two Wheel Luggage: Samsonite Aspire Xlite

The BEST two wheel luggage -- Samsonite

I’m on the road all the time, so finding the best two wheel luggage was crucial before I left. I spent weeks hunting through store ranging from T.J. Maxx to Nordstrom, trying to find the perfect lightweight two-wheel suitcase.

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Why two wheels? I need to pull my suitcase over a bunch of different surfaces, and those spinner wheels are so delicate. One yank over a street in Mexico or Italy, and those things would be toast. (Need more justification? Read about my love for two wheel vs. four wheel luggage.)

Friends, two-wheel suitcases are not easy to find! Most of the options I found were too small — or way too expensive. ($500 for a carry-on? Maybe if I was doing business travel, but my style is a little rougher than that.)

Finally, though, I ended up with the best two-wheel carry-on luggage option: The Samsonite Aspire Xlite. (A similar option is the Samsonite Advena.)

Things I Love About this Two-Wheel Suitcase

At the end of the day, a suitcase is a suitcase. But this little guy fits my needs so perfectly! Here’s what I love:

Wet pocket: This is my favorite thing about this suitcase — it’s so useful! I tuck all of my toiletry products in there. If they spill or get crushed in transit, it’s no big deal. The plastic sides keep the mess contained, so it doesn’t get all over my clothes and shoes. (I often travel with full-size products, so this is so important.)

Decent packing space: Technically, this is a carry-on suitcase, but it’s pretty darn roomy. I travel for months on end with this thing. Usually, it fits four packing cubes (see how I use packing cubes to organize my suitcase), two pairs of shoes, a light jacket, hair dryer, curling iron, and all of my personal-care products.

Easy to lift: When I’m picking a new suitcase, my main goal is to find the perfect balance between packing space and my ability to lift the full bag with one hand. This lightweight two-wheel suitcase is the perfect option. I stuff this little beast full; at its top limit, it usually weighs in about 44-45 pounds. (Right around that 20kg limit on European airlines.) I’m 5’6’’, and I can lift it easily up and down stairs.

Let’s Talk About the Wheels: Why This is the Best Two Wheel Luggage

Technically, this falls under the “things I love” category, but it’s so important that it deserves its own section.

The wheels.

I travel hard. I take public transportation when I can. I will almost always opt to walk 15 minutes instead of taking a train. I visit places like Guatemala and Thailand and Mexico. Why does that matter? I drag my suitcases over every imaginable terrain type, often for long periods of time. The wheels are so important!

And that is where the Samsonite Aspire Xlite two wheel luggage shines. This suitcase comes with two large inline-skate-style wheels. They’re made from hard rubber that is remarkably resistant to wear. In the past year, I have dragged this thing over cobblestones in Italy, Mexican sidewalks (the kind with the huge holes and inexplicable ramps), dirt roads in Thailand, rock streets in Guatemala…not to mention train platforms and bus stations and airports and snow and mud. The wheels are definitely scratched, but they are in fantastic condition given the beating they take.

Also great? The wheels on this lightweight two wheel suitcase are recessed into the frame.That means that only the bare minimum protrudes out from the luggage itself, which makes the entire thing more durable. It would take an incredible force to snap these wheels off (unlike spinner wheels).

Drawbacks to the Samsonite Aspire Xlite

Really, I only have one real issue with this suitcase (and really, it’s the same issue I have with every suitcase, ever). That big flat pocket on the front — what on earth fits in there? I check my two-wheel suitcase, so I’m certainly not putting papers or anything important in there. (Petty theft is unfortunately a common occurrence in many airports.) It’s too flat for clothing or shoes. Sometimes I slip a book in the pocket, but mostly, it goes unused.

I do love that smaller top pocket; it holds my umbrella and my empty laundry bag.

Also, I could only find this suitcase (and this one) in black, which means that it pretty much looks like every other suitcase at baggage claim. I don’t mind that; it transitions easily from Airbnbs to nice hotels. To make it easier to spot this two-wheel bag on the conveyor, I use a colorful luggage strap.

Samsonite Lightweight Two Wheel Suitcase: Final Review

I’ve been living out of this two wheel suitcase with me for a full year now. It’s been all over Central America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and allll over the United States — and it’s still in great condition! If you’re in the market for the best two wheel suitcase, I wholeheartedly recommend this Samsonite luggage.

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