The Belgrade A1 Airport Bus: How (and Where!) to Ride the Bus to and From the City

Inside the Belgrade airport bus

You’ve booked your flight to Belgrade (yay!), your Airbnb is ready. What’s next? Figuring out how to take the bus from the Belgrade airport to the city center.

Why the Belgrade airport bus?

  • It’s super cheap
  • It’s clean and safe
  • There’s plenty of room for luggage
  • It runs frequently
  • It’s the only public transportation option at the Belgrade airport

Belgrade A1 Airport Bus Route

The A1 airport bus goes all the way from the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to the massive Slavija Square in the center of the city. It makes just a few stops along the way, and it’s a super-cheap alternative to a taxi or private driver. Plus, the square is super convenient for many of the city’s hotels and Airbnbs, and also other public transportation links.

Usually, you can expect the ride from the airport to Belgrade city center to take between 30-60 minutes. If there’s traffic or construction, however, don’t be alarmed if the ride takes a lot longer.

Riding the Bus From the Belgrade Airport to the City Center

Once you land in Belgrade, get your bag, and clear customs, head outside. The A1 airport bus stop is to the left — it’s well-signed and easy to find. There’s usually an English-speaking helper standing at the bus stop to answer questions (or, more likely reassure you that you’re in the right place!). This is a really lovely service that I’ve never seen on public transportation before.

There’s no need to pay before you get on the bus — just hop on, store your luggage in the big open area, and find a seat. The bus driver (or helper) will come around and issue a bus ticket when he’s ready. You need cash, but don’t worry about getting change — the bus driver or attendant will have plenty of it. If you prefer to get a little bit of change before you leave the airport (this is what we do!), there are some small convenience stores in the arrivals area of the airport where you can break bigger bills from the ATM.

As of 2019, the airport bus fare to Belgrade is 300 dinar.

Slavija Square is the last bus stop. It’s impossible to miss — first, you’ll go up a long hill (sit on the left, and you can see the bombed-out ruins of the former Federal Ministry of Defense). It’s a huge, busy square with tram and bus stops all around it. It’s always bustling, and it’s safe at all hours. If you need a moment to orient yourself, cross over into the center and have a seat on the benches. If you’re coming in very late at night, walk over to the Hilton (right near the bus stop and very visible) — that way, you can get your bearings knowing that there are people nearby.

Going to Zeleni Venac? You can take the public transportation bus line 72 from the airport; just ask the bus driver for the fare. Apparently, you can also take Line 607 to Novi Beograd (new Belgrade), but I have no experience with that!

How to Take the A1 Airport Bus From the City Center to the Airport

Ready to leave Belgrade and head to the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport? This is where you’ll probably run into conflicting information. At one point, it seems that the airport bus ran from Hotel Slavija. This is no longer the case! (At least as of early 2019) The actual stop is all the way on the opposite side of the square. If you’re waiting near the hotel, you WILL miss the bus!

If you rode in on the A1 airport shuttle on your way into Belgrade, the stop is right in the same location. Look for the sign that says A1 Aerodrom (airport). The bus stops to the left of this sign. Note the Hilton hotel in the background — this is a convenient landmark to orient yourself if you’re wandering around the square.

In the photos above, you can see the bus stop, the sign, and the Hilton in the background. We’re not sure if that schedule is accurate — the timetables we found online didn’t match. We recommend going much earlier than you need to, just in case. At a minimum, there’s a bus leaving for the airport every hour.

Don’t want to stand around on the sidewalk in Belgrade? We feel you. Behind the bus stop (directly behind the girl’s back in the photo above) is a big, open plaza with big benches. It’s a great place to sit with your suitcase and keep an eye on the bus stop.

One interesting note: don’t use the Street View on Google Maps! It’s really old and out of date — Slavija Square looks totally different now. When it was filmed, the Hilton wasn’t built, and the square now has a big open area with seating. (Current as of April 2019)

Here’s a map of the Belgrade A1 airport bus stop location:

Map of the Belgrade airport bus stop in Slavija Square
The airport bus stop in Slavija Square is marked with a star

Want to put directions to the Slavija Square A1 airport bus stop into your phone? There’s not really an address for the stop, but you can use this Google Maps location link to navigate to the spot.

When you’re planning to ride the bus from Belgrade city center to the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, allow PLENTY of time. There are conflicting schedules posted online and at the bus stop itself. It’s a good idea to choose a bus that’s earlier than you actually need, just in case. Traffic and construction can also be a problem — one of our 35 Adventures writers took the bus from Belgrade to the airport in November of 2018, and it took 1.5 hours.

The process of taking the bus from the Belgrade city centre to the Belgrade airport is easy — board the bus, store your bag, and take a seat. The attendant will come and collect your money before the bus leaves.

And that’s it! We hope this post saves you time and stress trying to ride the Belgrade A1 airport bus!

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