10 Airport Outfits that are Cute and Comfortable

cute comfortable airport outfit

In all my years of traveling, airport outfits are something I’ve never managed to master. When I fly, I want to be cute and comfortable…but if it comes down to it, comfort wins. This is even more important now that I’m using Priority Pass; I always feel foolish walking into a lounge in running clothes when everyone else is in business casual.

The formula for the perfect airport outfit is simple:

Comfortable shoes + Flexible Pants + Fitted shirt + Warm layer

But there’s one more thing: Accessories! Great accessories turn a super-simple outfit into a thing of beauty.

The trick? Finding pieces that look pulled-together but feel like yoga pants. Also, since I travel full-time, my airport outfits also need to be comprised of pieces I’ll wear over and over. So, while I love a cute blazer, there’s no way I’m packing one in my suitcase.

Need some inspiration? Here are some cute and comfortable airport outfits that I’m loving!

Comfortable Airport Outfits that You’ll Feel Cute Wearing

1. The Perfect Airport Outfit

This is the perfect airport outfit! The black leggings and stretchy shirt are comfortable for long flights, but the dark colors still look put together. Most importantly, the long sweater keeps the pants from looking too legging-y. Slip-on shoes are comfortable to walk in (though I always prefer socks because I am NOT walking through airport security in my bare feet).

The real kicker? The cute accessories, which take this outfit from casual to cute. Also, with that neutral color palette, she can mix and match all of these pieces throughout the trip!

2. Who Says You Can’t Travel in a Dress?

Next to yoga pants, a dress or skirt is my favorite thing to travel in. This is such a cute option — the skirt is long enough to keep your legs warm in the cold AC of the plane, and the stretchy T-shirt is super comfortable. Plus, I love the knotted front! I also love how she pairs sneakers with the look; it’s something I’ve never been able to master.

3. An Airport Outfit for Winter Travel

I travel with a tiny suitcase (this one), which means that I’m always wearing the bulkiest things I own in the airport. This is the perfect example — she’s wearing jeans and a jacket, which take up a ton of room in your suitcase. A cute, wrinkle-resistant button-up shirt keeps this outfit super comfortable and super pulled-together. The real magic, though, is in the shoes, the hat, and the bag. I am never this cute in an airport!

4. Airports are More Fun with Bright Colors!

This is an airport outfit I’ll never be able to pull off, but I love it. So much color! So much fun! Go check out JetSetSarah’s Instagram — her whole feed is just filled with joy. Wouldn’t you smile if you saw this outfit in the airport?

5. Monochromatic Outfit Makes Leggings Look Luxe

Just can’t bear to part with your black leggings for that long flight? Just wear them with an all-black outfit and crisp black-and-white shoes. The real magic here is in the pretty purse, the chain-link crossbody, and the delicate jewelry. Accessories for the win, again!

6. All-Neutrals for a Comfortable and Elegant Airport Outfit

When I’m putting together airport outfits, I always lean toward black. This outfit is the perfect example of how you can go with a lighter palette and still look cute. When paired with the cream, camel, and grey palette, even those running shoes fit right in! The secret here is the gorgeous fabric — I don’t even want to see the price of that coat! (Pretty sure it does not fit in my budget.)

7. Cute Dress for Hot-Weather Travel

I love a long dress for travel; this Instagrammer makes it work by pairing it with cute sneakers. The long skirt keeps your legs warm in the plane’s AC, and you can carry a scarf with you to stay warm. How cute is that wide belt?

8. Joggers, All Dressed Up

THIS is the perfect way to stay comfortable — joggers and a T-shirt — but still cute at the airport. That draped-front jacket dresses up this outfit, and the high-contrast shoes tie everything together. Of course, the purse and necklace add a little something special. This is the perfect outfit when you need to hit the ground running when you arrive. Just switch the joggers for stretchy jeans and you’re good to go.

9. Are Those Leggings? Jeans? Impossible to Tell!

I am a huge fan of black-and-white shoes paired with leggings; they look so crisp. MyCurvesAndCurls takes this look to the next level with a button-up shirt and jean jacket. And of course, the bright red purse, bangles, and sunglasses dress it all up. How cute is she?

10. A Cute and Comfortable Airport Outfit with Joggers

Here’s another adorable way to wear joggers to the airport. The key? Keep them black, and pair them with a luxe jacket and crisp white T-shirt. I love the white sneakers in this outfit — they’re perfect with that white tee! I won’t be wearing white shoes myself (they get wayyy too dirty on long-term trips), but I love this look.

12. All-White Outfit for the Airport

Again, an all-white outfit I’ll never be able to wear — but how cute is it? The matching jogger-and-sweatshirt set is super comfortable, but since it comes in a matching color, it looks elegant. The hoop earrings and big sunglasses add a fun edge. (The Fendi bag doesn’t hurt, either.)

13. How to Wear Color to the Airport

This outfit is so cute! Again, stretchy jeans and a cute shirt keep things looking elegant — but that amazing jacket really takes everything to the next level. I love the matching shoes and bag, which look so cool with the earrings.

When I’m putting together an airport outfit, I have a few critieria:

  • Wrinkle-resistant: Often, I’m getting off of overnight flights, and I have to walk around for a few hours before checking into my Airbnb. So, I like airport outfits that don’t get all rumpled while I’m sitting for 8+ hours.
  • Non-restrictive: Have you ever sat on a 12-hour flight with the waistband of your jeans digging into your stomach? I have, and I never want to repeat that experience. That’s why anything I wear to the airport can’t be super restrictive.
  • Cute: I measure “cute” by three factors — Do I feel confident in it? Can I walk into a lounge without feeling like a slob? Would I be comfortable appearing in an Instagram photo wearing it? If all three answers are yes, we have a winning airport outfit!
  • Layered: Between the ride to the airport, the airport itself, the plane, the destination airport, and your final location, you can go through 10 different temperature zones. That’s why layers are a must. Even in the middle of summer, I like to take at least one hoodie or sweater to keep me warm on freezing-cold planes.

What is your favorite cute and comfortable airport outfit? Tag me on Instagram or leave a comment below!

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