Welcome to 35 Adventures! I’m so glad you’re here.

Let’s start with the only thing you really need to know: I believe that travel changes people for the better. It makes you more open-minded. More aware. More compassionate. More grateful. 

Most importantly, travel makes you less afraid.

Trekking solo to Everest Base Camp

Traveling in My 20s vs. Traveling in My 30s

I think we can all agree that travel is the best.  The thing is, as I’ve gotten older, the way I travel has changed. In my 20s, I did the whole hosteling thing. I stretched every dollar. I stayed in some seriously sketchy places. I took horrible, long bus rides to save $50.

In my 20s, I thought nothing of hostels like this. Yikes.

Now that I’m in my 30s, I still want to make every dollar count — but I also like to be comfortable. $5,000 for a week in a luxury hotel? No! $50 for a week in a grungy hostel bed? Also no!

A beautiful Airbnb in an affordable country? YES.

I Love Comfortable, Affordable, Adventurous Travel

Just so you can get a sense of who I am as a traveler, here are a few things I love:

  • Beautiful Airbnbs that are also cheap (helLO, Eastern Europe)
  • Adventures that I can do safely as a solo female traveler  — preferably, of the outdoor sort (latest favorite: hiking in Kotor, Montenegro)
  • Little comforts to ease the general discomfort of long-term travel (making coffee in my Airbnb so I don’t have to get dressed first)
  • Packing only as much as I can carry alone (with careful suitcase selection and using packing cubes)
  • Traveling to places that feel exciting (that’s harder than you’d think after 65 countries because of travel fatigue)

In other words, I want to find ways to live it up all around the world, without breaking the bank.

Why 35 Adventures?

So, to sum up: I want the freedom and social connections of backpacking AND the comforts and convenience of a vacation.

Friends, that is not an easy thing to do! Most 35+ people are squeezing their travel into their PTO.  They’re not doing what I’m doing — freelancing full-time while also traveling full-time. That means that it’s harder to meet people and find community on the road.

If you’ve ever googled “hostels for adults”, you know what I mean. (Side note: here are my favorite hostels for adults)

And that’s why 35 adventures was born — to share my constant search for the best ways to travel in this stage of life. To share tips and help others achieve comfortable, affordable, and adventurous travel.

Providing Hard-To-Find Travel Information

Oh, and also — I want to fill the travel-related information gaps on the internet! Believe it or not, they still exist.

Case in point: in late 2018, I went to Belgrade. When it was time to go back to the airport, I couldn’t find accurate information anywhere on the internet. My Airbnb hosts gave me old information. I spent so much time worrying about where and when to catch the bus. 

So! To save other travelers the hassle, I wrote the article I really needed: The Belgrade A1 Airport Bus: How (and Where!) to Ride the Bus to and From the City

To be honest, this also gives me something tangible to do with the huge amount of travel information that’s floating around in my brain.

Hopefully, that can help other people (You! Hi!) travel smarter, easier, and with less stress. Because we need less stress.

Are you in the same boat? Have any questions about an upcoming trip? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you by email, on Instagram, or in the comments section of any post. (Does anyone comment any more?)

So glad you’re here!